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Bill Putt and The Lost Souls Story

Bill's first band was
the Mystics, (1964-'65) whose claim to fame was a New Faces appearance (pic 3). Then came The Lost Souls, (1965 - '68), who won Hoadley's Battle of the Sounds in 1966, and a recording session with Pat Aulton that resulted in the release of the Souls' first and only single, This Life Of Mine on a Festival label. (Incidentally, the single was picked up recently for the prestigious Rhino Nugget series). When I first came across Bill (and Mark Kennedy), they were playing in an outfit called Gallery (1968 - '69) Until I can find out more, revel in the strange beauty of the accompanying photos, including one very brooding shot of a moustache-less Putt sporting enormous winkle-pickers.. Scary ain't it?


1) Bill with his nana at 91/2 months 2) Bill 's first guitar 3) The Mystics on Kevin Dennis' New Faces in 1965

4) The Mystics 2nd gig at the Mentone Town Hall 5) The Souls L - R Terry Paul (rhythm), Allan
Gregory (drums), Bilge Pump (lead), Les Wilkins (bass),and vocalist, Robert Woff

6) The Souls (minus Bill) present Lionel Yorke with This Life Of Mine 7) Gallery (with Mark Kennedy on
drums) rock the joint in Geelong 1969

check out Bill's Twang in back issues of the home page
8) Bill with the Souls mark ll in '67 9) Bill at the age of 6 or 7
shamelessly plugs his column on the home page..

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