M I K E R U D D B I L L P U T T . C O MM M I K E R U D D B I L L P U T T . C O MM M I K E R U D D B I L L P U T T . C O MM M I K E R U D D
TBN crew biosr
Mike Rudd
Mike Rudd is the editor of this humble rag, that indeed started of life as a hard-copy newsletter in which guise it lasted only a minute or two before the new technology stepped in and saved TBN's circulation for the more modern fiction that is the Net. Being the editor, Mike initiated the publication of a monthly indulgence (blog) in The Bloody Newsletter and subsequently enlisted the aid of his brother Richard and more recently long-time friend, Warren Sellers, to make TBN a bit of a commitment to read, let alone digest. Mike was better known as a musician, but recently has found himself planting trees more than any other activity he might fancy.
Dick Rudd
There have been so many people thinking that this 'Dick' of Dick's Toolbox fame is some sort of an extension of me, that I'm compelled to clarify the situation once and for all. It's my own fault for having so many alternative names I s'pose. Anyway, bro' Dick is my fond nick-name for Richard, my actual brother. Richard is nearly eighteen months my junior and will always be so, but is older in nearly every other respect. He has a stable and loving family, comprised of his wife Mary and Elizabeth, his now married and mother in her own right but still darling daughter. Now that Richard no longer feels trapped in his old job with the monolithic Telstra and wakes up with only interesting things to fill his day, he still manages to maintain the rage and his jaundiced view of just about everything and lets loose monthly in Dick's Toolbox.
Warren Sellers
Wazza’s main claim to fame is as Mike and Dick’s erstwhile 60s art school buddy from Christchurch, Aotearoa-New Zealand. He and his partner Marg, aka “The Drs Sellers”, made Spectrum @ St Annies their first port o’call the day after arriving in Melbourne in 2009 and have frequented the pages of this website since. After tirelessly edifying and mystifying Victoria’s Higher Education community for far too long, they were obliged to depart our fair shores – because Kiwis are welcome in Oz until they stop paying their way, then they have to bugger off back home and be bludgers on their own tax payers, if you don’t mind! So, now living the life of Riley/on the pig’s sheep’s back, they’re kicking back in the North of the Eastern Isles/Land of the Long White Cloud/Shaky Isles entertaining occasional Ocker tourists (like your own Editor) and Wazza is penning vitriolic diatribes/fake news/jolly jibes for this website – thereby ensuring he is added to Peter Dutton’s lengthening list of Kiwi non-admittables.
M I K E R U D D B I L L P U T T . C O MM M I K E R U D D B I L L P U T T . C O MM M I K E R U D D B I L L P U T T . C O MM M I K E R U D D