The Indelible String Band
Mike Rudd and Noel Kennedy with Jeremy Alsop, Sarah Morse, Isabel Morse, Bobby Macindoe and Roger Young

This is/was always an incredibly ambitious project when I reflect on it. It first came to light in 2019 when I began receiving prompts from maestro Noel Kennedy in the form of mp3s that purported to be songs from my vintage repertoire, but beautifully rearranged for a string quintet. It all culminated in a valiant performance at the Brunswick Ballroom in late 2021, (pic) which was nearly aborted when the maestro suffered a heart attack and underwent an operation to insert four stents only days before the scheduled performance!
Given the circumstances I still have trouble judging the merits of the concept, even after reviewing the videos provided by the always-supportive Peter Lamont who filmed the entire show.
As a result the String Band project is in hiatus at present while Noel and I consider various possibilities.
It's such a noble concept - there were moments I actually teared up, it all sounded so beautiful - and the support and generosity of everybody involved was overwhelming.
No damn it! The Indelible String Band has to step up once more and re-present a fully realised version of Noel's vision to an adoring public. Let it be so!

*See the String Band in rehearsal on YouTube

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