RIP Bill Putt - 28.3.47 - 7.8.13

Sun. 21 Mike & Broc at the Elwood Food & Wine Bar 19/201 Ormond Rd Elwood 9531 3339 5.00 – 8.00 arvo

Wed. 31 Spectrum trio's big NYE party at the Eltham Hotel 746 Main St Eltham 9439 9224 9.30 - 12.30

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Well, the Rock & Roll Scars double CD with bonus live tracks + The Jellabad Mutant demos is out and I have a few copies available for sale from the website - that's if you can't be bothered ordering direct from the Aztec Records site or buying them at Spectrum's New Year's Eve gig..
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* News for collectors - Bill's very rare 1938 Sutton lap-steel has been sold. Thanks to Brenden Mason at Real Guitars and for your interest in Bill's legacy.
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