M I K E R U D D B I L L P U T T . C O MM M I K E R U D D B I L L P U T T . C O MM M I K E R U D D B I L L P U T T . C O MM M I K E R U D D
Mike Rudd & Bill Putt videos
It had to happen - and now it has. Here are all the video clips I can muster for the moment on two pages - this page and Videos 2. If you want you can check them out on YouTube but you probably won't get the historical (and occasionally hysterical) overview.
Mike Rudd's Indelible String Band in Mt Evelyn
Mike Rudd's Indelible String Band's rehearsal clip
16.1.22 - The world's first glimpse of this unusual gambit by Mike, aided and abetted by arranger Noel Kennedy. To some it could smack of a hapless superannuant's last fling as he gently declines into senility, but Rudd would point out that as a sub-contracting musician he's not entitled to suparannuation and he's already forgotten the second point.
Mike Rudd and Madder Lake play Bill Putt's It's a Lottery at the Memo
Mike joins Madder Lake - and Brenden films that too!
13.4.18 - This swapping bands business could get confusing! Back on Sunday the 11th of March (those were the days) I joined Madder Lake for a few numbers, among the songs being Bill's It's a Lottery. The Madder's Brenden Mason can't help himself - he films anything that moves - and he got very good coverage on the day with some extra volunteer cameramen at his disposal, including Nick Carrafa, Samson Hall and even Peter Lamont.
Bren and Bill were great mates and the clip features some very amusing vignettes of Bill drawn from Bren's vast catalogue of out-takes - Bren was Bill's go-to guy when he wanted to video any of his songs, some of which appear on these pages.
The band sounds good too.
SPECTRUM*plus with Brenden Mason - Play a Song / Make Your Stash
Brenden Mason joins the band - and films the gig as well!
31.12.17 - It was perhaps a bold experiment but the rehearsals suggested all the musical and personality elements fitted perfectly so the gig on Sunday the 10th of December at the Satellite Lounge in Wheelers Hill should've been fun for the band and the audience. Which is the way it turned out too, only not too many people outside the audience that turned up on the day would've ever been able to work that out for themselves had not the latest Spectrum inductee, Madder Lake's Brenden Mason, done the sensible thing and taken it upon himself to plant four cameras about the stage and record the entire show.
I think you'll get an inkling of what the band's about from the opening couple of tunes - you can tell the band's enjoying themselves and the arrangements are as quirky as they were when they first arrived on vinyl (Play a Song That I Know from Milesago and Ross Wilson's Make Your Stash from Spectrum Part One) all those years ago.
Spectrum to Ariel - I'll Be Gone
Akaroy Films captures Spectrum to Ariel at the Semaphore
13.11.17 -
Most of the videos on these pages go back quite a long way, so this video of I'll Be Gone at the Semaphore Workers Club in South Australia is (almost) like a breath of fresh air, having been recorded as recently as 2017. They are in niftly monochrome and look crisp and as new as tomorrow, a bit like GTK in that respect. At the very least they're a record of the Spectrum to Ariel outfit that includes the former Ariel stalwart Glyn Mason - not to be confused with the S P E C T R U M combo featuring that other Mason, Madder Lake's ace guitarist Brenden Mason.
Spectrum to Ariel - Some Good Advice
Akaroy Films captures Spectrum to Ariel at the Semaphore
13.11.17 - All of the above, but this tune's the full metal jacket version of Murtceps' Some Good Advice, which Akaroy has incorrecttly, but understandably titled Blow Your Mind.
Mike Rudd & Jess Cornelius - Crying (RocKwiz)
10.7.14 - There's been such a fuss made about this version of Roy Orbison's Crying I sang with Jess Cornelius on RocKwiz back in 2009 that I've had to add it to the list. It was great fun though and I went on to do another live RocKwiz show in SA with Jess which was perhaps regrettably unrecorded.
Mike Rudd's Indelibles - Soul Man
Soul Man
28.8.11 - You may have read that the 'launch' for the Breathing Space As Well EP rather descended into farce when the EP in question failed to show up. However, the second objective, to record some footage for Soul Man, was achieved satisfactorily, largely through the agency of Wrokdown's Anita Monk and camerapersons Brenden Mason and his wife Hilary. To them much thanks. I'm going to tool around with some extra footage and see what comes out, but in the meantime this will give you the idea. Hooray!
Mike Rudd's Indelibles - Xavier Rudd Is Not My Son
Xavier Rudd Is Not My Son
7.8.09 - Thanks to Wrokdown's producer, Anita Monk, there's a 'bed' of the band performing the song in relaxed mode at the Wrokdown taping last month, over which the antics of Mr Morris Nylon, Strathie Bill, Capt. McTubby and Chopped Liver have been lain. The song's title means that the clip is rubbing shoulders with yer actual Xavier Rudd clips on YouTube - I wonder if that'll eventually provoke a response from the man himself? We've never been introduced, although we met up with his parents and siblings a few years ago at the Torquay Golf Club.
Mike Rudd's Indelibles - Rocket Girl
Mike Rudd's Indelibles Rocket Girl clip
13.8.22 -
It's odd. I lost the Rocket Girl clip on this site - I'm not sure when - and it took an enquiry from Wrokdown's Anita Monk for me to organise a replacement mp4 from Miranda Worthington, the clip's director back in 2008.
The concept was to recreate a monochrome GTK-type band performance (in retro '70s gear) and marry it with Billl & Mike fighting over what TV program to watch - the band performance or a manga style Sci-fi love affair. Plenty going on then! It's quite fun - watch out for the tag featuring Robbo.
I thought the problem might be a YouTube thing, but it turns out it was a corrupted table on the website page that was the problem.
Mike Rudd's Indelibles - Summertime with Judith Durham
Judith Durham and Spectrum perform Summertime
13.10.09 - It's one of those once in a lifetime opportunities, and I'm really quite chuffed the Wrokdown cameras captured this beautiful performance by Judith of the Gershwins' classic with Spectrum doing the back-up. Many thanks to Wrokdown's Anita Monk for providing the Wrokdown footage and to Judith's management for giving permission for us to upload it to YouTube for the world to enjoy.

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Videos 2 
Spectrum - I'll Be Gone (re-striped in stereo)
Spectrum - I'll Be Gone in stereo at last!
13.1.09 -
I could say the original and the best, but actually this is even better than the original! Some of you children wouldn't even know what 'mono' (monaural) is, but the original I'll Be Gone release in 1971 pre-dated stereo, in Australia.at least. So a few years ago I had the notion of re-striping the stereo edit of I'll Be Gone onto the original and much-loved black & white film clip, directed by Chris Lofven all those years ago. The National Film & Sound Archives painstakingly interpolated extra frames to bring it back to true pitch and after nearly two years of struggle and perseverance I'm sure you'll be happy and possibly a little surprised with the result.
Spectrum - I'll Be Gone (Move)
Spectrum - I'll Be Gone - but wth a twist!*
3.7.09 -
This was given to me by my mate Trevor Leedon, who bought it from the Camberwell Market. Play it through and see if you notice something odd..
Did you pick it? The reprise was supposed to be the second verse, (and I actually mime the second verse), but what is actually played is the first verse. I have the vaguest memory that the backing might've been from a tape supplied to Move by EMI, but I don't really know. Curious though..
Incidentally, a fashion note: Bill's wearing a wrist watch (!) and it appears I'm wearing socks with my sandals.

*Sherbet plays
I'll Be Gone!
Mike and Mark 'Tinno' Tinson do I'll Be Gone in Newcastle
The full Technicolor rendition of I'll Be Gone
13.1.21 - 'If you want something done properly, go interstate', could be the message of this version of the GOS.* Recorded at Lizottes in Newcastle late in 2018 on the occasion Mark 'Tinno' Tinson's 64th birthday and the release of his auto-biographical book Too Much Rock 'n' Roll (which I've read incidentally) this version of IBG has everything going for it, not least a very decent band led by Mark himself.
*Grand Old Song
Spectrum - Launching Place Part ll (GTK)
The original Spectrum - Launching Place Part ll
11.12.08 - I mentioned this a while back but have just got round to adding it to the assortment of clips on this page. Simon Kain from ABC Archives mentioned he'd like to use this clip to introduce their website page of Music Collections and has given us permission to use it and a couple of others here. This is a classic performance from a 1970 edition od GTK featuring a very young Mark Kennedy and the unique Hammond organ stylings of Lee Neale.
Spectrum - Make Your Stash (GTK)
Spectrum - Make Your Stash
14.3.09 - Daz tipped me off about this other Rettrodood discovery - the second lineup of Spectrum on GTK with Ray Arnott on drums, and quite a (subtly) different version to the orginal on the Part One album.

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Videos 2
Ariel - Jamaican Farewell (GTK)
Ariel - Jamaican Farewell
16.4.15 - I discovered this on my iPhone and I guess owe Farkle Berry a big thanks - I haven't seen this ever I don't think. Probably catching the band at its ebullient eye-rolling best very early in its career. There's a comment by someone to the effect the song got shredded by NME - but they changed their tune later. It's a shame the band couldn't be held together - we could've been heavy-weight champeens of the world!
Ariel - Disco Dilemma
Disco Dilemma
9.3.09 - I got told about this clip being on YouTube last week and I got pretty excited. I don't have a copy of the single or the video and I've been thinking we should incorporate the song in our set list - Disco Dilemma was our third biggest seller after IBG and Jamaican Farewell.
I put in an unintentionally camp performance, (what's with the white make-up?) as the the band tries to look enthusiastic. Paul Drane apparently directed the clip and Angie Keith, a friend of ours, did the classy dance sequence, which mightn't be very disco, but then neither is the song.

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Ariel - I'll Take You High
I'll Take You High
16.5.20 - Very remiss of me not to get to this track before now, but the Covid-19 mess has provided both the incentive and the opportunity. We weren't happy with the way this track had turned out, as the fierceness on display might attest. There were a couple of unauthorised overdubs i.e. the sax and the cowbell, courtesy of Colin (Smiley) Peterson, that were no doubt added with the best of intentions but didn't help in any material way and were the cause of bad feeling between the band and EMI. The beginning of the end for what had been a very productive relationship overall.
Now to see if I can find the clip for the Ariel's first CBS single
, I Can Do Anything.
Mike Rudd & The Heaters - Australian Girl
Australian Girl
21.4.09 - I just rang Daz to get a phone number and he was foaming at the mouth about The Heaters' Australian Girl clip up on YouTube. Well, I've got the Countdown 'live' version at home, but I'm obliged not to share it with you, which is a shame, because I have to say it's a fraction less embarrassing than this version. It gets one wondering what happened to all those girls - if any of you are out there from the day we recorded the clip down in Oakleigh in 1980, get in touch. Incidentally, that's Ariel's Tony Slavich on keys, Paul Grant on guitar, (respect), and the ever-affable Manny Paterakis on drums
Mike Rudd & The Heaters - Laser Lover
Laser Lover
27.8.09 - Lairie Tunnicliffe loves this period of the band's career.(see the Correspondence page) To quote: '..its a disgrace that this 80's electro-pop group is trading on your name. This group obviously set the drum machine to 120 beats per minute and recorded one long song with all the typical synth/keyboard sounds/lines, and carved it up into 12 tracks.'
I'd forgottten that we released Laser Lover as a single. Almost disco/reggae in feel and a cute sci/fi conceit, but like Laurie now, nobody in the '80s bought The Heaters' as a pop band either..

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WHY - Woman of Steel 
WHY's Woman of Steel
12.5.09 -
I'm not sure that Tony Fossey actually played any live gigs with WHY - maybe the short-lived Hey Hey It's Saturday Night. WHY enjoyed an equally asteroid-like career, plummeting through the thin Australian atmosphere before plinking harmlessly onto a Melbourne pavement.
This was the only one John Kapek managed to salvage from the Present Tense album. It was recorded on analogue, converted to digital and then released on 12" vinyl - go figure..

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Chants R&B - I'm Your Witchdoctor
Chants R&B live at the Wild Things show
25.6.09 - I had an e-mail from Al Parks in Christchurch the other day, still waxing lyrical about the show we did there in 2007 and wondering if we might repeat the effort at some stage. It provoked me into having a look at the DVD that John Baker (Velvet Tiger) produced of the show we were part of at the Monte Christo Room in Auckland, along side such luminaries as Ray Columbus, The Breakaways (who appeared with us in Christchurch), Pete Nelson & The Castaways and others. It's raw and loud - but there's something exciting about it..

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Bill Putt - Rosewood
2.5.09 - This is a very touching musical and visual tribute by Bill to his partner Rosemary and her property Rosewood in the fire-ravaged hills and valleys of Strathewen, an hour or so north east of Melbourne. The first half shows Rosewood as it was before the fires - then, bookended with Rose's prescient painting of the hill that overlooks the property, the mood becomes more sombre as Bill's photos show the same scenes a week or so after the fires (20.2.09). You get an inkling of how brave Bill was in saving Rosemary's house, and how lucky he was to have simply survived when so many in the vicinity perished.
Bill Putt - Rosewood + Song for Marilyn
Rosewood - Song for Marilyn
4.2.11 - The third in Bill's Rosewood trilogy shows the recovery, regeneration and restoration of Rosemary's Strathewen home and property since the disastrous Black Saturday fires in 2009.
Bill Putt - Zippo Blues
Bill's Zippo Blues
Everytbody loves Bill, and everybody seems to love this clip! This is Bill's unique contribution to the world of advertising - the Zippo people actually like this a lot. Our mate Brenden Mason deserves a gong for producing the clip and putting the finishing touches on the recording - not to mention putting up with Bill.

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M I K E R U D D B I L L P U T T . C O MM M I K E R U D D B I L L P U T T . C O MM M I K E R U D D B I L L P U T T . C O MM M I K E R U D D