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The Long Way To The Top Tour
Spectrum has had some interesting gigs in 2002 - starting with the spectacularly successful Long Way To The Top Tour in August - September. The lads caught up with some old mates - and made some new friends too. Check the gallery for some previously unpublished informal shots of some famous faces (and other bits). 
The 2003 Port Fairy Folk Festival
The fun and interest continued in 2003 with the
Spectrum trio's appearances at the legendary Port Fairy Folk Festival. It was about five years since Mike, Bill and Robbo's last appearance there, and in many ways, Port Fairy was the inspiration that put the band where they are today - all over the bloody map, playing fab festivals!
The Canberra Blues 'n' Rock Festival
Canberra hosts the National Folk Festival annually, but this was the first Canberra Blues 'n' Rock Festival, and it was diligently planned and the location was perfect. Furthermore, the organisation was spot on and the schedule ran smoothly. The only problem was that not nearly enough punters showed up. Still, the promoters were optimistic that there would be another bigger and better Festival next year, but there wasn't. We had fun, and Jenny got some good shots of us strutting our stuff. And we got paid.
I dunno about this festival business - some entrepreneurs want to start at the top, instead of building the thing up. I would hate to see festival become a dirty word. Fortunately there are still plenty of tried and true festivals to go round, but it's not the licence to print money some less altruistic promoters have obviously seen it as. (Pick the oxymoron).
(For more Canberra shots try the invisible link.. www.stephenlees.com)
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The Whim Creek Music Festival
Another Spectrum festival gig was at Whim Creek. Where's Whim Creek? Check your WA map and you'll find it about an hour or so from Port Hedland and Karatha - right up the top end, in the legendary Pilbarra. About ten people live at Whim Creek, which swelled to a massive 57or so for Spectrum's rivetless performance on ANZAC Day. That's the stage (pic) being constructed out the back of the Whim Creek pub, and that's as outback as you can get, baby! We came across Angry Anderson there too, which was a bit of a bonus.
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The inaugural Melbourne International Music & Blues Festival (begging the question - is blues not music?) was another example of how you can get it wrong even with class overseas acts and experienced promoters at the helm..The experience was worthwhile for Spectrum as we employed the services of Simon Burke on keyboards for the first time, but acoustically it was a nightmare for all but the few who managed to find the sweet spot in Jeff's cavernous Shed.
Ariel @ Capers Cabaret
Mike, Bill & Robbo were joined by Glyn Mason and Harvey James last Melbourne Cup week 2002 for a couple of performances to launch the re-issues of Ariel's A Strange Fantastic Dream, Rock & Roll Scars and The Jellabad Mutant. It was a wonderful couple of nights, and the fact that not an awful lot of people showed up mattered little - as it didn't matter that it is a cabaret gig after all, and the sound guy had palpitations at the sound check when Harvey played his first chord. There is a rumour that Capers is closing down. Ill check that before repeating it of course..
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It's 5.40 on Sunday arvo at the St Andrews pub, the gig you can count on when you thought you'd stopped counting. Mike and Daz (Daryl Roberts) have just had a musical encounter that has amused them both, but it's just good to see the original spirit of Spectrum, which was afterall conceived as a keyboard-based band, is alive and well in 2006. Not to mention that after years of neglect, I've managed to put up a couple of new photos on the Photos page. Hooray for everything!
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